Audio Narrative for Apple's Stock Price Change from 2000 to 2010

This is a replication and extension of the "sonification design" of Audio Narrative by Siu et al. (2022, CHI '22)




#1. From January first, 2000 to August first, Apple's stock price fluctuates between 21 dollars and 34 dollars.
#2. From August first, 2000 to December first, the stock price suddenly droped from 30.47 dollars to 7.44 dollars.
#3. From December first, 2000 to September first, 2004, the stock price was mostly steady with a slight increase from 12.88 dollars to 19.38 dollars.
#4. From Septemer first, 2004 to November first, 2006, the stock price increased from 19.38 dollars to 91.66 dollars.
#5. From November first, 2006 to May first, 2008, the stock price more rapidly increased from 91.66 dollars to 198.08, and then suddenly dropped to 125.92 dollars. Then, it increased rapidly to 188.75 dollars.
#6. From May first, 2008 to February first, 2009, the stock price droped from 188.75 dollars to 89.31 dollars.
#7. From February first, 2009 to March first, 2010, the stock price steadily increased from 89.31 dollars to 233.02 dollars.

Erie specs used for this replication

These specs assume that the segmentation was done by manually or algorithmically.



This sequence spec is generated by reusing the above segment spec.