My data visualization works are concerned about social factors: gender, labor, and environment. Most of the time, telling stories from data has been a strong motivation for my visualization works.

How Much Is My Labor?

Check the prices of various products (BigMac, IKEA Bed, Coca-Cola, Adidas Pants, and Dell Laptop) that are expressed in terms of the work hour required to buy one item if you are paid minimum wage.

Langauge: English, Korean

How Much Do I Emit?

Our daily activities emit greenhouse gas to varying degrees. Calculate the amount of greenhouse gas that you emit based on your income and your job sector.

Langauge: English, Korean

What Percent Male Are You?

The income discrepancy between female and male is a world-wide phenomena, but how much? Find where your income amount is ranked at by gender and country.

Langauge: English, Korean

My Town + Our Diversity

It's not easy to see the diversity of our communities because of our limited experience. Explore how much your town (in South Korea) is diverse using maps and graphs.

Langauge: Korean (translatable)

Short Visuals

Interactive visualizations for various topics.

Langauge: Korean (translatable)

Infographic Posters

Snapshots of international indices.

Langauge: Korean